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Frank Gore, Marshawn Lynch, or Doug Martin?


Who should I start as my RB2… Gore, Lynch, or Doug Martin??? The rankings have them 3 back to back to back so thats not helping me much. What do yall say Foot Clan???


When the rankings are like that and it’s a tough one, I usually play the matchup. In your case man I think Lynch is an ok play. Gore isn’t a pass catcher and they are gonna be losing so they are gonna need to pass. Martin has been struggling lately and I’m just not a fan of him. That’s just me though so good luck


You think Lynch has the better match up?


Yeah. Not by much cause it’s close but yeah I think Lunch May do alright but that’s a tough decision.


Im starting Martin I have a feeling he is going to have a good game. And I dont like Lynch or Gore but thats just my personal opinion