Freaking Out! WR Waiver Help - 0.5 PPR

Lost Baldwin. WR2 is Cooper (unfortunately). Who should I prioritize to fill the spot from the following?

K Cole
D Westbrook
G Allison
John Brown
Tyrell Williams

I personally would ride with Enunwa first then Ginn. Pick up whoever is left between Marshall and Lockett.

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If it were me I would place claims on
Enunwa, Lockett, brown, allison, marshall
in that order

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You like Enunwa over Lockett this week?

Enunwa over Ginn this week? Wouldn’t you rather have the Brees receiver vs Darnold receiver? Lions defense seemed absolutely abysmal…

Quincy is the top target and Darnold seems to love to throw it to him. Ginn has him moments. Depends on if you need boom or bust