Freaking out

Alright, so you know how you can have a really poor start and turn it around and make the playoffs? Well the opposite happened for me and I need to win to get in the playoffs after starting out 5-2.

The team is as follows and I need some flex/WR2 help:

QB: Drew Brees
RB: Todd Gurley
RB: James Conner
WR: Emmanuel Sanders
WR: Larry Fitzgerald
TE: Jared Cook
FLEX: Matt Breida/Josh Reynolds/Kerryon Johnson (probably not going to play)
DEF: BUF (going to check out the waiver wire)
K: Harrison Butker

Who should go in as my flex? I probably need more of an upside play, but regardless, I’m stumped. I have Reynolds in there now, but was thinking Breida. I know Reynolds is more of a dart throw, but still. Or should I scrap Fitz, throw in Reynolds as my WR2 and flex Breida?

Thanks for any advice and best of luck this week!

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I also have Howard and Tate, but Howard isn’t even coming close to the lineup and Tate hasn’t done anything with Wentz, yet.

I would roll with Reynolds and Breida. Reynolds can easily blow up in that offense against a reeling lions team. Breida is a huge part of San Francisco’s offense with all the wr injuries and has shown he can boom. Fitz either has a horrible game or a middling game so I’d stay away from him.

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Fitz is a dangerous play. He’s been getting the TDs lately, but on only 4 targets and 2 targets the past 2 games. He could easily do it again vs. Green Bay, but I tend to avoid all gambling unless it’s 100% necessary.

Honestly Fitz should have been gone a while ago…
I would go with Reynolds & Breida.

As a future note, idk if you attempted trades during the season or not, but if I started 5-2 I would’ve used that cushion to buy players on the cheap during their bye weeks from owners in tough spots.


I would play Reynolds at wr since he has been productive after kupp went down, then flex breida

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My vote is also Reynolds at WR, flex Breida

Would it change if I said I have Corey Davis as well? He’s such a hit or miss that I’m not sure about what to do with him.

I did attempt to trade, but no one trades a lot in my league. Sucks I know

Yeah, Reynolds at WR and Breida at Flex. Just some stats to back some of it up. GB ranks top 10, (9) pass defense, Detroit is (13). Furthermore, Fitz is already an iffy pick at WR… Rookie QB with meh O-line and low volume targets for Fitz… As for Breida, he goes against a semi - weak rush defense (22) and an OK pass defense (14). These ranks are overall though so keep that in mind. It doesn’t really account for specific positions but some good stats to keep in mind.