Freaky history repeats itself

Just read an article about the Alex Smith injury yesterday. Had completely forgotten about the fact that Redskins former QB Joe Theismann broke the exact same leg 33 years ago to the day!!! Nov 18, 1985.
Here’s a couple of paragraphs from the article:

**Joe Theismann put on his black trench coat and walked alone outside the suites at FedEx Field on Sunday afternoon, still upset by what he had just witnessed in Washington’s 23-21 loss to Houston.

**“I still have goosebumps,” he said as he stuck his hands in his coat and made his way to the field. “I can’t believe it. November 18th is such a horrible day for Redskins

**Earlier in the morning, the former Washington Redskins quarterback reminded his wife that it was the 33rd anniversary of the broken leg he suffered against the New York Giants on Nov. 18, 1985 – an injury considered one of the most gruesome in professional sports history.

**There were other chilling ties to the two injuries : Both games ended 23-21 (although the Redskins won in 1985) and Texans defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel was on the sideline as the Giants’ special teams coach during Theismann game.

Here’s the entire article: