Free 12 man .5ppr Keeper League LF a few members

Hey Footclan!

We are looking for a couple fresh faces for a 12 man, .5 PPR, 3 keeper league hosted on the Sleeper app. We have 2 spots that were vacated by previous members that were in a few too many leagues, so you would be taking over a team and their Draft position and deciding on keepers or a blank slate from that point. There may be 1-2 more spots, as a few haven’t been active since we renewed, so feel free to reach out regardless, we might be able to fit you in!

We have been together a few years now (formed from members of this community) and are a pretty Social group that enjoy having a competitive league that is a bit more laid back since it doesn’t have a buy in or anything.

1 QB (6pt TDs)
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
5 Bench
3+ IR (usually 1, this might go up even further if the year gets wild)

We do FAAB waivers and allow 3 keepers, where you can keep 1 of any 1 position on your roster (no keeping 3 RBs, etc) and Keeper value goes up 1 round each year they are consecutively kept to keep the first few rounds interesting. Previous Final Rankings based on the Playoffs determine Draft positions in a Snake draft.

Let me know if you are interested or want to know more!


Hey! I am new to the footclan but have been listening and playing redraft leagues for a couple years now! I’ve never played in a keeper league but i’d love to get into it. My sleeper name is Chexmix11.

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Invite sent, glad to have you along!

I am interested if still a spot open! Would love to get a look at the team too before deciding…

Sleeper name - clintmann10

We filled the two spots that were 100% open and available, but there are still 2 players that have not responded since we renewed the league, so if another spot does come up I can gladly reach out!

Sounds great. Looking to join one more free redraft league - so I’ll look around but am in if a spot opens before I find another.

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I am interested if there is a spot still available after you hear back from the other players. New to the foot clan but I’ve been a fan of the footballers for a while. My home league is breaking up due to people moving and so I’m looking for an online league to participate. Thanks!

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Hey man, I’m definitely down for this, sounds like a super fun league! Email me at if an opening crops up :smile:

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