Free 12 redraft league. Experimental D/ST scoring

Hey footclan

I’m looking for 10 more fellow footclan members for a free redraft league on fleaflicker. It will be a .5PPR scoring with a different approach to D/ST. The idea is to treat the D/ST like other positions and start at 0 and getting points for stats like ones you’d get points for in IDP. Points for things like

Tackles for loss
Pass defended
4th down stops
3 and outs plus more

Trying to avoid having your defense start at 10 points and teetering all game long. There will be negative points for defense after they allow over 350 yards and 10 points. Points not giving up by your defense won’t count against you.

Also Kickers will be scored by a decimal setting with a minimum of 3 pts. So all made FGs 30 and under will be 3 PTS. Everything after that will be decimal scoring.
EX; 35 yard FG=3.5
49 yards= 4.9
62 yards= 6.2

INTs are -2 but I’d like to make it if your QB throws a Pick 6, that’s -6 pts.
Message me or comment if interested.

Still need 10 more

Anyone? I’d like to draft tomorrow.