Free agent pick ups

Hey everyone,

So there’s some free agents that I sort of want but don’t know if I should.

Tony Pollard is there- the only player that I can justify dropping is Peyton Barber.

Justice Hill, Malcolm Brown(I have Gurley), I’m even considering Phillip Rivers(I have Trubisky). Don’t know if I should just lay off the FA pool and keep my players.

Thanks everyone.

I’d snag Pollard for Barber if your other RBs are able to weather that risk, cause it’d definitely pay off if the holdout continues. I wouldn’t roster two QBs though.

Oh I would never- I was thinking of switching Trubisky.

My RBs are all risky and hopefully reward:

Gurley, Cook, Montgomery, Barber, latavius Murray, and Darwin Thompson.

Oh I’d make that move for Pollard with those RBs in a heartbeat. You’re right that they are kind of risky, but imagine the upside… just imagine it.

And you could maybe flip Pollard after 2-3 weeks for something great. Nobody cares to trade for Barber.

Thanks for the advice, you’re so right. I hate cutting players especially when I know they have value so I’m gonna shop him around if nothing happens, I’ll make the Tony Pollard move.

This should be another topic in itself, but do you have problems cutting players? I find it the most difficult thing to do.