Free Agent question - Drop Maclin for Will Fuller?

Now that Fuller is back and cleared, and Flacco looked wacko against the Jag, worth to to drop Maclin for him? Other WRs are Cooks, M Thomas, Fitz, and Marquis Lee. 8 team standard. I know, babytown frolics… child’s play :frowning:

Holding Maclin would make the most sense but man I really want to see what Fuller can do in his second season.

Fuller seemed like late round gold at the beginning of last year but fizzled for most of the season.

I say hold onto Mac because we need to see if Fuller can stay healthy and this is early in his recovery Timeline. Right around the 2 month mark of an estimated 2-3 month recovery time.

I wouldn’t do this trade. I think Maclin can come on strong once Flacco can get things figured out. He was out for all of pre-season so I think Maclin has some bigger games coming up.

Update: Fuller looks healthy and he is spectacular

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