Free Agent Rookie Value

Now that the NFL draft is done we all have a pretty good idea of what pick we’d take incoming rookies at in a rookie/free agent draft. That being said, I am having trouble placing some free agents that are available in my league amongst the rookies for the draft. Below is a list of players I feel should have a pick value in at least four rounds of this years rookie draft. Any help anyone can give with assigning a pick value to any of the players would be great help. General values are fine (middle of the first, back of the second, etc.)

Jordan Reed
Isaiah Crowell
Trey Burton
Cameron Meredith
Cameron Brate
Blake Bortles
Andy Dalton
Terrell Pryor
Jordan Mathews
Darren Sproles
Demarco Murray
Spencer Ware
Kenneth Dixon
Jermain Kearse
Jeremy Hill
Keven White

I know it’s a pretty long list but any help with any of the players would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Cameron Meredith and Trey Burton are the only ones I would draft out of those. I would consider picking them in mid to late 2nd round at the earliest.


Agreed, but I’d throw Crowell in in the 3rd as well, depending on who’s available.

Alright now we’re talking. No fourth round picks? Also it’s a two QB league if that makes a difference. Appreciate the input guys

It definitely makes a difference. There are two starting QBs with no apparent future competition. I’d take either in the third.

I don’t mind taking Reed in the late 3rd. He could be a top 5 TE easy, if healthy. I also don’t mind taking Dixon or Murray as your last pick flyer. Dixon has the talent upside but may never see the starting role. Murray is old, over the hill, and doesn’t have a team; but, should be fully healthy this year and if he gets volume could be decent.
Reed in the back of the 3rd to mid 4th
Dixon and Murray in the last round

I was surprised nothing was said about Reed sooner. Awesome input so far guys. Thanks for the help

Yea, I’ve basically written him off at this point. Maybe it’s a mistake, but I’ve been burned one too many times.

Everyone already mentioned the guys i would pick but I wouldn’t sleep on Pryor or Matthews either. Pryor could be in line for a big workload if Anderson is suspended and Quincy isn’t 100%. Matthews simply because he’s a slot guy in the patriots offense, what more could you ask for?