Free agents dynasty

So I have Delanie Walker and Jameis Winston. On a 12 team hppr. Should I look to offload them or keep them. I already have M.Ryan, D. Jones, C. Keenum, P.J Walker as qbs.

I would, maybe try and get some picks for them and grab a need on your roster or another young qb with upside, Tua, Joe, Justin

I already have 10 draft picks. And not enough spots on my team

I’m not sure how much you could get for Walker or Jameis at this point. If you can get anything for Walker I would say take it, and probably hold onto Jameis to see where he lands. He’s still pretty young and might surprise in a different system.

Or if you’re tight on roster spots maybe package him and try and upgrade one of your draft picks to an earlier round.