FREE Competitive ESPN Standard League Looking to Expand (competitive players wanted)

Sup Footclan!

I’m in a fantasy league with a couple of friends since 2016 on ESPN that has been lots of fun, but we want to get more competitive this year. So far we don’t have a prize pool (or buy-in), but we might consider it in the following years, depending on how it goes. We are the type of league that has a facebook chat and likes to share stuff/trash talk year round and keeps up to date on any NFL news, and we are looking for more guys to fill the 10 team league.

If you want to join a competitive-trashtalking-free league, reply with your e-mail down below so I can add you to the league!


ESPN 10-Team STANDARD League
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex
1 D
1 Kicker
8 Bench Players
1 IR

We increased the Bench size due to possible COVID issues, hopefully that makes things easier to navigate.



Sounds great! I’m in!
Very active player I would love to join please send an invite!

I would join!