Free dynasty league need 2 replacement

I need 2 people for a dynasty league with fellow footclan members standard scoring, good group of guys. There is a trophy
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
No kicker or D
16 bench


I’m interested, but could I see the roster that I’d be inheriting? Could you DM me if necessary?


Standard :frowning: lol

Oh, and what platform is it on? I’ve heard good things about FleaFlicker for dynasty leagues, but have never used it.

How many teams in the league? I am interested

There are 12

So it’s full now?

Definitely interested then.


I am definitely interested.

Im DEFINITELY INTERESTED! Please email me ASAP, I covet a league that is dynasty. I don’t care about the roster, I can build it from the ground up!


I am interested. Email me

Are you still interested?

Are you still interested in joining a my free dynasty league

Yes! What must I do?

Yes, I am. Email me at

I am interested too…

Let me join please ( spleeper:saintjerick