Free dynasty league needs replacement owner

Need a couple new owners for a free dynasty league, 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1TE 2 Flex 16 bench 24 total keep 21 ppr,

I’ll join if spots available

I’ve talked to a friend in my redraft league about running a dynasty team together. Can you give me an idea of what the team looks like?

Yeah so I’m sure other leagues do it differently we have a QB 2 RBs 2 WR 2 Flex and a TE 16 bench no defense or kicker 24 total spots and and then keep 21 and drop 3

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DM me the teams screenshotted? :eyes:

So when you drop 3 players, they go on waivers? I’m new to dynasty, but just read an introductory article at the main website.

If there are two teams needing an owner, can we look at who is on each team?

I hope you don’t mind if there are 2 (or even 3) guys managing one team. I brought up the idea to a friend in my redraft league and we’re both new to dynasty so thought it would be fun to co-manage the team. I hope that would work.

Players do go to waivers, and I think for now there’s only 1 spot left

I’m interested. Can you send me the roster?

I’m keen too if there’s still a spot. I’m an Aussie though so will only function in US afternoons and evenings if we need to be online at the same time. Let me know if that fits the need. I’ve got a couple years of nfl fantasy as well as rugby and premier league fantasy experience. Haven’t done dynasty yet though. Cheers.

Happy new year, mate! I’m just curious about fantasy rugby (Aussie rules?) and how that works. Is it popular there? And how popular is the NFL there and how many others do fantasy (NFL) football. I used to live in Singapore and watched a fair amount of rugby, but that was before fantasy football was such a big thing.

I’ve done fantasy rugby league- you gets points for runs, tackles, scoring, assisting a score, kicking goals. Lots of points. About 1000 points is a good game. Going to try Aussie Rules fantasy next year- points for scoring, assists, catches, more if contested, intercepts, etc. Draft format is only building in interest. Most play a version with a salary cap. NFL growing in interest- everyone’s a Packers or Patriots fan. Cheers.


Very interested if it’s still open. I’m a very active owner looking to work with a team that may need rebuilt.

I really want in

I’m interested, email: