Free Dynasty Start Up

hey guys, i’m starting a Free Dynasty league because i’m very interested in how it works. i am using the espn app to set this up. 14 spots are available, im looking for new dynasty players(just like me) who wants to try it out for this new year. there are 16 bench spots(25 spots total), and 7 keepers. the draft order is randomized and is determined one hour before the draft. it is standard PPR, and 8 teams make the playoffs. I can set a draft date once everyone is in the legue, the draft will be online. give me your email if you are interested. Thanks.

I’m in

count me in, first time here.

I’m interested
I’m interested

I would like to join.

I’d be down.

I would join,

I’m in if they’re is still room. My email is

If there’s still spots open.

If it is a dynasty why is there only 7 keepers?

I’m interested if there is still room.