Free Dynasty startup


Hi all. Looking to start a new dynasty league that’s free and just fun. It’s going to be a 12 team, half ppr. No kicker. 6 pts per passing td. It will include a taxi squad. We will do this through fleaflicker.
1 Qb
2 Rb
2 We
1 Te
2 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
1 Def

A defensive safety will be 5 points.
25 rounds and will use FAAB for waivers.

If your interested let me know.


I am up for joining! Send invite to

im new to year long and this sounds perfect can you send me an invite


Sent the invites

If there’s room I’d like an invite

I would be interested.

I’ve sent you all invites…if you didn’t get them let me know

Yeah I would be interested in joining

I’d like to know more.

i am in

I’m in if there’s still room available.
This is just what I’ve been looking for.

If you still need someone, I’ll play:

Interested if you still have room left!

Im up for some fun if you have space!

I’m down if there’s space.

Please count me in if there’s still room!

Definitely interested in this if there is space

Sorry it’s full

Sorry full