Free ESPN Dynasty League - League filled

UPDATE: League is full. Thank you!


Hey, I’d love to join!

I’m in two redraft leagues (commish of one), but would like to try Dynasty. Don’t have any ideas for a league name at the moment, but once the league is filled i’d definitely suggest a GroupMe or Facebook group for league communication.


I’m interested!

Once we get the league setup, I agree groupme might be the best way to communicate

I am VERY INTERESTED in this format, count me in.

I’m interested!

I have sent everyone who has responded so far an invite to the league. Also, as mentioned in the invite, I agree with using GroupMe. Keep an eye out in the ESPN fantasy sports app for more details as we have more people join the league. Thanks!

Did you send me one? Im not seeing it in my emails haha

Same here.

Didn’t get it

I would also love to join! I play in a dynasty league on ESPN already but would love to try another. Email is

strange. I resent the emails including the new people who asked for an invite. Maybe spam folder? I tried typing in the emails this time instead of copy pasting them as well.

Definitely would love to be a part of this!

I haven’t received an email yet either. That’s weird.

EDIT: Just got it :+1:

I’m down for a dynasty league. Email me

Same. Still nothing.

Aye I just got it. We’re good

I would love to join if you have room.

Invite sent!

I got the invite, now let the fun begin :blush: