Free ESPN league, drafting tonight 9pm EST

Espn League
1/2 ppr
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
2 Flex
5 Bench
1 IR

any spots left?

In and committed if you need someone, I’d like one more league.

too many :slight_smile: I can add you, but chances are the league won’t happen

send me email addresses, and tell your friends … cmon clan… you know you want another league… :wink:

invite sent

If you still need another owner, I’m game.

send me your address

I bumped draft time til 10est - ESPN deletes non full leagues an hour before their drafts

any buy in?

nah, just a free league to try to get one more draft in

Count me in if you need one

bumped the draft time to see if we can keep the league from being delete. Need 2 more

I don’t know what everybody thinks but if we only have 8 teams I’m OK with that. An 8 team league is better than no league.

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8 team superflex maybe to make it interesting? and add an extra bench spot or two

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Yeah, that would be good.

i don’t see superflex in the espn settings. I’ll do 2 qb

Super Flex and a bigger bench sounds really fun. I like the idea of a just for fun league having a different format.

While we’re waiting to maybe get another couple players…
What about 2 QB slots AND 2 TE slots rather than a SuperFlex since the superflex spot is almost always a QB??

Just sent an email to all who joined.