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Free ESPN league, drafting tonight 9pm EST


I’m game for Swan’s idea.


Thank you. Frankly I think it will be hilarious the range of scores that the 2nd tight end will give. Its a volatile position this year.


Crazy is good. Last minute draft with footclan members we can handle crazy.


I got a bud from my local league who is down justin@garylogsdonlaw.com


That definitely gives you more to think about, I’m in.


only problem is that we need an even number.


yeah, np, if you get a tenth, hit that guy up.


if still available, interested in joining, ehdejuana@gmail.com


I want to join if there’s any room left


HELP FOOTCLAN! We are starting a last-minute half point PPR ESPN league. It is free entry but we will be doing weekly wagers and contests throughout the year to keep it competitive. DRAFT 6 PT TONIGHT DURING THE GAME. 8 MAN LEAGUE UNLESS MORE FILL