FREE NFL 10 - 12 team keeper/dynasty league Standard Scoring

Hey Everyone. I am the general manager of the Battle Royale league. We are only a year old and looking to get new players

The rosters for the teams are 30 players with 20 you can keep every year to help rotate players but still allow dynasties to form.

The scoring roster is 2 QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 2 SFlex, 1K, 1 D/ST. This is what we ran last year but these can always change by league vote.

We are currently an 8 player keeper league but we have players who are entering their masters and other life stuff and want to drop out as they can’t do fantasy for a while.

Plus we’ve always wanted to be a 10 or 12 team league so we are looking to expand. We are a very dedicated league and you’ll the open communication we ahve especially when it comes to jokes, ragging on people, trash talk, trade proposals, and everything. Lots of fun.

For the new players, we will hold a special pre-draft of all the old team rosters players, the 10 players released by the team, and the new rookies to get the new players to 20 players.

Then we’ll hold our normal draft to get everyone to 30. Our draft type is a snake and the order is based off your previous finish. So new players will get a higher draft order. The quicker you join, the higher your draft order.

So join asap for the #1 pick and we’ll be ready to rock and roll! Leave a question or reply saying you want to join with your team name and email to get you signed up.