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Freeman and Cobb for Bell?


Royce and Cobb for Bell?


laughable IMO

even if that was Devonta Freeman. hard no. way under


I’m the freeman owner lol trying to get bell


ROFL. If I got that offer, I would likely just troll you making you think you were close. TO waste your time, and so you couldn’t try freeman to anyone else.


Hahahhahaha I offered Devonta and Cobb he countered with Royce and Cobb/ Devonta


So naturally I’m dumbfounded that it might work which is why I came here to see if I’m crazy or not or if he is :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Im confused, is the offer Royce + Cobb for Bell? If he is offering that, I would take it in a heart beat.


I’m offering Royce and Cobb for his Bell.

I have Melvin and Devonta as well
WR I got Keenen Allen, Fitz and Anderson

I think it’s a no brainer giving up those 2 for Bell. Or am I completely wrong and shout I just keep Royce?


I think I’m over thinking this huh? Even Bell doesn’t come in until week 8 I still have solid rbs


It would be auto rejection for me. Cobb is on the waiver wire in some of my leagues


He is offering bell for my Cobb and Royce


Royce and Cobb for Bell? That’s all it takes to get Bell?

Okay…the worm is now turning. That’s too easy…


I would do that in a heartbeat if you have solid RBS. He could come back next week and you are golden.


okay so I’m not crazy, i dont know why I thought twice lol i just really wanted To keep Royce.

I was thinking maybe I’m gambling too much with Bell missing extended time


I still have Melvin and devonta


If you are asking us here if you should take Bell for Freeman and Cobb, you probably don’t deserve to win in fantasy.