Freeman and Coleman in dynasty?

Ballers! I received an offer to acquire Freeman, but I already have Coleman. Should I stay away from that offer and stay put? Or would it benefit my team to have both?

Receive: Freeman, Cobb
Trade away: Howard, J Washington, 2019 3rd

  • My RB core: Barkley, CMC, Howard, Coleman, Drake, Miller, Booker
  • My WR core: Thomas, Thielen, Landry, Davis, Godwin, Golladay, Moore, Washington, Westbrook, Cain

Sry but who is J Washington…? Rookie WR for Steerlers?? Freeman and Howard are super close but I still like Freeman more and yes it does help you lock up that situation… Depends really how much you value a 3rd round pick. also PPR definitely matters here as Howard is a slight PPR downgrade…

Gun to my head I would accept but lemme kno if u have those details

Oh and I love Cobb for WIN NOW mode… You have a good squad and I think Cobb’s a NICE throw-in for this year and hopefully a few more.

It is half PPR, so yes, Freeman is higher on the list in that case. My concern is that I’m locking up my RB potential by having both Freeman and Coleman, as opposed to having a piece of two potentially high powered offenses. @travkrol1

I’ll take Freeman all day. Coleman won’t be playing in ATL next season, so you can still potentially have 2 starting RBs there anyways.

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Ditto with the last post. Coleman is a free agent in offseason…

Also depends how many RB can you play at one time? If its 3 or less I’d feel fine and solid going in with Freeman and the start-able handcuff of Coleman.

as a starting 3rbs is really nice.

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We can start 2 RBs and WRs, and two flexes. So up to 4 RBs. But ill most likely start 3 of each position unless Drake and Miller turn out to be reliable starters. I agree… That would be a really solid RB core. Ideally, Coleman becomes the guy somewhere else next year as a FA.