I am in a three keeper (10 team) PPR league drafting third. Barkley and OBJ will probably go first. I have three WR keepers (jones, D Thomas and Tate). The roster is 3 WR, 2 RB, 2 Flex, one QB . I will probably need to choose from these four RBs. I am leaning towards Fournett due to sheer volume. Freeman and Caffrey both have good RB 2 behind them. McKinnon may have the better high level but he has not been the RB1 full time.

Your help is needed for this decision.


fournette. easy. not only did they focus on fixing their Oline the last 2 years, they clearly want to pound the rock. its in their DNA at heart. sheer volume mixed with the better production he should get because of norwell by himself (and he isnt a slouch at recieving getting 36 in 13 games. injury is always a concern but he never seems to be out for too long.

Agree with Fournette he’s by far the best out of the four

I’ll take McKinnon and the notion that he’s in Shanahan’s offense and will likely catch up to 70 balls this year in a PPR league.

I have my doubts about Fournette staying healthy for 16.

Fournette scored around the same points last season as Carlos Hyde in .5 PPR. Hyde isn’t even that good at catching passes. McKinnon excels at it.

you would take a guy we havent even seen yet, over a guy who has all of the RB snaps to himself? i mean even then at least go CMC over mckinnon. he has every bit the opportunity to catch 70 balls like mckinnon. i mean he caught 80 last year.or cook, who will catch a ton too. there are so many less risky players to go with here. ones that we have seen in their offenses, and take the workload. because there is a huge risk in taking mckinnon. the unknown. we dont actually know what his roll is. granted, it should be the top guy there. but we know who the top guy is for all these other players. we know their rolls. we know about how much they will be used. we dont know any of that with mckinnon. i would take the injury risk of fournette way over mckinnon.

…and i’ll take the Shanahan offensive track record of producing RB1’s. Especially in PPR format.

McKinnon will get way more volume at rushing attempts than McCaffrey. Like 100 more attempts.

I’d water bet KcKinnon outscores Fournette this season.

he does produce RB1s, but that doesnt mean exclusively. he made hyde a 1, that was still less points than fournette. and you can expect similar production from mckinnon. im not saying that he is a bad player, but man there are better choices. mckinnon isnt upgrading at oline, so you should expect similar YPC. which if he gets to 250 like hyde did, thats still under 1000 yards. his higher reception total (i have him getting 60) wont make up for the sheer volume that they will feed fournette with. his 45 receptions i have him at isnt enough of a divide in receptions to put mckinnon over the top. because even at his absolute ceiling (275 rushes for just over 1000 yards, 70 receptions for 600) is still only 200 yards over what fournette did as a rookie, with a work in progress offensive line and hurt for 3 games. and thats not even taking in TDs that should funnel fournettes way since he only has 2 less TDs in 1 year, than mckinnon has had in his 4 with over 600 touches. so in short, hell yeah ill take that waterbet.