Freeman, Drake, Engram, Jax


How did everyone else fare in this craziness?

LOL. My sentiments exactly!!! Thielen, Rudolph and McKinnon had me projected for 37 pts combined. Got a big fat whopping 10 pts from the 3 of them!!! Also…played Alex Smith and sat Cousins!!!:sob:



Yeah. I got JuJu tomorrow. The general consensus is he should have a pretty good game. IDK…we’ll see. So…you done or do you have players tomorrow as well?

My team that was almost identical to last weeks lineup that I lost. Scored 50 more points and I would have blown out my opponent in the championship. A all I had to do is start Tyreek Hill over Jordy last week…

I’m now down by 11 and starting Foles against Ajayi. It’s possible but I don’t like it, especially on a windy day

Oh and my projections for those 4 spots were 44.9 and they combined for 9.5

I’m down by 27. I have JuJu tomorrow, he has Eagles DST. Final projections have him taking me by 23 pts.

Oof. Godspeed!
…is what juju may need to make it happen haha

Been a weird run!

LOL…that’s not helping @drumlay!!! Just kidding. You’re right!!! Wish me luck. Cuz I’m gonna need all I can get…AND THEN SOME!!! LOL and SMH at the same time!!!

Haha for real, good luck! Let’s pull out some Christmas miracles

There ya go!!! Now you’re talking!!!:christmas_tree:

Jax defense murdered me today. -4 pts. First time SF has scored over 40 since 2013 and it has to be against #1 D on championship weekend (also had KC on bench).

Brown hurt. Tyreek no call TD today. No show from Rudolph. Woods didn’t show either. It’s the perfect storm.

Anyway, down 20 with Miller, Boswell and bowman going tomorrow. He has ajayi. Not feeling it. There is a chance. Predictions have us dead even. Need a Christmas miracle

@joeycannoli… Don’t feel bad. I sat Cousins, Robby Anderson, Dede Westbrook and PATS. Played Alex Smith, McKinnon and Chiefs!!! :rage:

Need 23 pts out of JuJu tomorrow. Don’t see it happening!!! GRRRRR!!!

I also had Thielen and Rudolph. :roll_eyes:

Yeah I had Hill too. That one got me sour! That catch went from being a highlight of the year to being soon forgotten.

I’m glad SF is looking like some sort of team again, but they could have managed a great game without Jax imploding on itself. Stupid/crucial penalties, sloppy, at each other’s throats…