Freeman for Doug Martin + a WR

Howdy - any advice on this trade?

I’m targetting an owner with Fournette + Freeman as his main backs (Dion Lewis on bench). His WRs are brutal, so he’s willing to trade me Freeman for a replacement back + a WR. My current backs are Doug Martin, Alvin Kamara, Demarco Murray, Kenyan Drake. My WR that I would trade include Larry Fitz, Jordy Nelson, Kelvin Benjamin, Juju.

I was going to propose my Martin + a WR for Freeman. Thoughts?

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Thoughts? He wants Kelvin or Jordy

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My goodness - is it worth it? Is Freeman too hurt? Will he return back to a respectable form? Will he even out perform doug martin ROS?

help footclan

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Freeman is fine, he will play. Both Freeman and Doug Martin have pretty good value, but this is a 1 for 1 trade. You are giving up too much and way to much with Benji or Jordy.

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Gotcha. I get what your saying. I’m just trying to get an attainable player for Martin or Murray + a WR. I have too much mediocrity with Nelson + Fitz losing QBs and Benjamin being traded he won’t be fantasy viable again for at least a few weeks.

In Freeman I see the explosive upside (maybe from ghosts of Freeman’s past). Can we see Martin, Benjamin, Nelson, or Fitz having an explosive 20+ game in .5 PPR? I just don’t know. Martin has the touches and flashes RB1 but Tampa is in an offensive quagmire with Winston since his injury.

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So I suspect Palmer’s injury is an advantage for Fitz. Now that he is in the slot, he will be the easy check-down for an unsure QB trying not to take risks. He also won’t have much time to throw. I think Fitz sees a target increase and the Jaron/JJ just fade away.

Freeman is doing great this season for every measurable but receptions and TDs. I really think his TDs start to come back. Besides a Freeman/Martin RB combo would be epic.

Try packaging Jujubee, Benji, and Murray eel for Freeman (maybe a lottery ticket WR as well). You lose start-bate but gain a very high floor. Just a thought.

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I gotcha - being that slot is nice for a bad backup QB. He was already a target monster at home, hopefully he will stay close to his WR2 value. The only players I really like up here are his RBs + Kelce. If I were to go your trade route, it would probably look like Freeman/Ginn for a Murray/Juju/Benjamin? I’d enjoy have another free spot for waiver pickups too. I don’t even like Ginn, I hate his floor - I’d enjoy Juju more in that flex spot. Murray/Benjamin for Freeman? Shitty trade?

Here’s my team:

His Team:

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So Tampa’s coaching if awful, just awful.

Every Martin rush was against 7 men on 4 linemen and all but 2 had a blitzing CB. The defense knew exactly what Tampa was doing on about 80% of snaps.

The best example is the last play of the first quarter. Jammie Wineston is under center with 4 wideouts and the TE on the left. The left guard completely misses his the NO right end who hits Martin before the line (Martin breaks the tackle), the right guard gets pushed back 3 yards, the TE just sits on the flats away from the play, and the Saints defense completely ignores the WRs to swarm the ball for -5 yds. Ever one of his 8 attempts is pretty much that same situation. Am I salty, yes. Did I lose because of this, yes. Do I still believe in Doug Martin’s talent, yes. Do I believe in Doug Martin’s opportunity…I really don’t know.

Side note, Fitz didn’t see a huge amount of targets, but they also didn’t throw a lot. His target % went up, which is good.

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Got a feeling they may have a shake up (coaching or otherwise). Players wilding out, Evans suspended, Winston doing really dumb things hurting his teams chances of winning (and he wasn’t even in the game!!). I agree it falls on the coaches. If the ship doesn’t change course I bet we see a shake up.

And you were spot on about Fitz. He was the only receiver with the targets to make a fantasy impact (in a game where AP had 37 rushes). I’ll take it

PS - I got Freeman for Murray + Kelvin. Hope he can start trending up

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