Freeman for Hyde and Pitt D

I have Freeman but I’m in an 8 team league so I have a lot or rb depth but I need a defense bad. Standard Scoring? Is this a fair return?

In an 8 team league, I would imagine there are plenty of defenses to stream if you don’t have an elite defense rostered. I would keep Freeman, and stream the position.

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I totally second Ryan here… don’t get rid of Freeman for a defense. Every single week you should be able to pick up a defense off the waivers that has a good matchup, play them that week and keep on rotating.

I always stream the D/ST position. Definitely don’t give up Freeman for ANY defense.

Is this really how ppl react after 2 mediocre games from a stud? If you were on the fense with the trade and someone threw in a great D then sure let that be the tipping point but 1.) Hyde is not Freeman… and 2.) Pitt D really isnt that amazing of a D that theyre a weekly lock imo… id rather play a bad D against the browns than Pitt against philly for instance… the only D out there that is a weekly lock imo is the Jags… theyre litterally putting up WR1 numbers and thats something you cant replace with a streaming option.

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