Freeman, Hyde, Miller, McCoy and Fournette market?

Where do you see the likes of Freeman, Hyde, Miller, McCoy and Fournette (if traded ending up before the season kick offs)

I would like to see Freeman end up at Lions, Panthers, Bears or Cardinals. As for Hyde, Miller and McCoy need the opportunity to be a mentoring RB1/RB2 with Rams, Lions, Pats and Steelers as perfect locations.

For Henderson to be a lead RB need more support than Brown or Kelly.

The Lions back field is a mess and unless Johnson can stay fit, Bo Scarbough is not the long term option to have a strong ground game. Miller, McCoy or Hyde is an ideal fit for lions in short terms whilst this is addressed.

David Montegomery was average last year, needs to step up this year to prove he is the future back. McCoy, Miller and Freeman would be a great compliment to help Montegomery raise his game next year.

Pats have a good running back committee with Michel, Burkhead, Harris and White all complimenting each other but no future RB1, I would love a Miller or Hyde to help Michel become a more consistent RB across the season and take the pressure of Stidham.

James Conner injuries are piling up so steelers must look at giving Snell the opportunity to be an RB1, with Jaylen Samuels being a RB2 with RB1 capabilities if called upon. Fournette would be perfect here especially with a strong WR corp of JuJu as WR1 and Washington and Johnson strong WR2s. A TE corp of Ebron and McDonald make them a strong play off team.

Falcons having Gurley, Ito Smith and Brian Hill with an amazing WR1 and WR2 in Jones and Ridley, could look to Fournette or Miller to support Gurley and have a strong 1-2 punch otherwise expect Matt Ryan to have to throw 35+ times to win a game.

Panthers, I don’t see McCaffrey recreating his production of last year with every team have linebacker scouts to minimise his break out long runs, I rate DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel and Robby Anderson but with no running game each will have a few quiet games throughout the season. With a good draft and RB within first 4-5 rounds , a one year deal for Hyde , McCoy or Miller would be a dream fit to work a rookie RB into the system ready for 2021.