Freeman or booker

Hey what’s up!! How about this one? Do I start freeman this week or should I drop cj Anderson pick up booker off waivers and start him over freeman? My other rbs are ajayi and mccaffrey usually start mccaffrey and freeman but thinking freeman might struggle this week? Any input on this decision?

Drop CJ for Booker.

Wait till sunday morning to make the call on freeman. If he plays(like he should ) and they say he will be the starter I would prob start him. But they are playing a decently tough Defense in MIN so i don’t love the matchup and ajayi is in a 3 headed monster in philly and they play the seahawks which arent as tough as years past but still a very good def.

So right now I might go booker over Freeman but just by a hair.

Hopefully you get more advice on this .