Freeman or Drake Value Trade

Working a deal for either Freeman or Drake

Offering Lynch and either Cole, John Brown, or D Jax. My RB’s are Gordon and Conner (L. Murray and Kerryon on my bench)

Who would you deal for and which WR would you deal along with Lynch


Just got Drake straight up for D-Jax. Good deal?

See I think that’s a great deal. You capitalize on D-Jax’s value right now and wind up with a startable RB.

I’m thinking about offering the same exact deal to the Drake owner (needs a WR) in my league. I posted about it yesterday on here & got laughed at, but I think I’m swinging for it, thanks!

took that deal because Conner is on a week to week basis with Bell still in the picture and I would need someone to fill that spot. I now have Julio, Cole, J. Brown as my WR options - I also have RB’s I could deal out for another solid WR. I’m hoping it works out for me. Drake was on my roster last year for the last 3 weeks and put up great numbers. Hoping he finds a groove again

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He’s got the talent & will get the opportunities. I like his schedule leading up to the fantasy playoffs, but he’s got a rough weeks 14-16.

Yes, I did notice that, but I took this opportunity as I have to be in it to win it lol 14 - 16 doesn’t matter if you don’t get there haha

What’s your team looking like? Why did you get laughed at regarding the same deal? I personally don’t think D-Jax will be valuable if Winston returns - he’s terrible

Well it’s really just one guy’s opinion, apparently no one in his leagues trades for a big play WR lol. I’m usually pretty good at trusting my gut, but figured I’d see what the general consensus was on D-Jax (for context the question was ‘is D-Jax for Drake or AP fair value?’

My team right now is J. Howard, D. Henry, Crowell, A. Jones, J. Allen, & L. Murray at RB. M. Thomas, D. Thomas, Baldwin, Cobb, Allison, & D-Jax at WR.

The Drake/AP owner in my league has Diggs and a handful of lottery tickets at WR. (also has Fournette/Gordon so I figure they could afford to trade a RB for WR straight up).

I say go for it, Drake can be the PPR RB you need (that’s if you’re league is PPR) - WR you have M. Thomas who is a beast and can live with Cobb until Baldwin comes back ( I had him myself but dropped him because I prefer not to deal with his injury) but I also lucked out and picked up Lockett who gave me a win last week - then dropped him for John Brown lol so I’m hoping that works out for me.

A. Jones might come back and take that role in GB so you’ll end up with 3 solid RB’s

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That’s my fault didn’t see it as a package deal. I thought you were talking straight up DJAX for an RB which would be horrendous for an RB owner to do.

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