Freeman or Gordon ROS

I’ve got Devonta. Thinking about trying to get Gordon from a guy who is in bye week hell. Is that much of an upgrade ROS? He’s in my division so I don’t want to help him out this week without hurting him down the road.

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I am higher on Freeman, I know he has not had the usage we want but he is still the better talent on the better offense.

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Gordon’s volume is more than double that of Freeman’s so I gotta go Gordon.


It’s probably around 1.5x or 2x that of Freeman’s, still pretty damn good.

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Man I missed spreadsheets…ok so let’s take a look.
Gordan seems to be averaging 2 more attempts per game plus a reception (though Freeman has more predictable targets per game). Not 1.5x to 2x.

For talent though, Freeman is averaging a full yard more per attempt. Plus in the YPC (Edit) column you can see YPC with the longest run factored out. You can see Freeman has a full yard more, but look at the week to week numbers. Gordon was save by 2 weeks. I see lot of 1 YPC games saved by a huge run. Freeman is also way better in the red zone.

So if all of Freeman’s measurables are better, why are these players so closely ranked? Simple, so far Gordon has been getting long TDs in the passing game.

Summary: Freeman is just a better player who hasn’t been making it into the end zone as much through the air. I will still take Freeman for the risk factor, his floor is high and he can definitely score more TDs.


Fair enough. I still want gordon :wink:

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IMO Gordon

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Gordon because of the volume.

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Thanks for the help guys. I’m going to try to package TY and Aaron Jones for Gordon. Hopefully the 5 guys he has on the bye makes him anxious.

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They do not have that different a volume.

I guess I just don’t understand why Gordon has so much value.

Gordon has a higher floor for rushing attempts, that’s what I mean by chasing volume. Gordon get’s closer to 18 touches a game.

That being said some caveats: Gordon is on a bye this week, and Freeman is facing Carolina.

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Their touches are not far off enough for that to factor in, I mean it is 16 for Freeman and 18 for Gordon. The only touches argument would be in a full PPR league for the receptions, but even then he is inconsistent.

Eventually the Chargers will figure out that they need to stop running in the red zone.

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