Freeman or Kamara ROS

I’ve been making some big trades recently and may end up with Freeman and Kamara. Who would you guys keep ROS and who would you trade away? I would need to seriously upgrade my WR’s because I’d be stuck with the AJ, Juju, and Corey Davis. I currently have Demaryius but would lose him and Murray to get Freeman

Have both. Love Kamara usage - such a solid floor. Freeman can have spikey games that win you a week.

It is a tough choice, I feel the answer is Devonta but Kamara will have more points

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I like Kamara in PPR and even standard-The Falcons new offensive coordinator isn’t using Freeman like Shanahan did-he may be a little banged up-JUST MY OPINION

Since AP was traded away, Ingram and Kamara are the #2 and #3 RBs in the league. They won’t end up the season that way, but I think Kamara is more likely to end the season as a top 5 RB because his floor is so high. The Saints offense is good and runs through the two RBs first and foremost. I’d keep Kamara and see what I could get for Freeman.

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Keep Kamara and DT, or package DT and Murray for someone better. Maybe buy low on Hunt or something. Freeman is nice but Murray could easily turn it around with his ROS.

honestly not feeling the falcons this season. that hangover is brutal and will be stuck with them ROS…freeman is also showing those knee issues…with a healthier coleman taking those snaps. saints have something going right for them…and kamara is a big part of it

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I have to agree with @djeddy76. NO is on a run right now and looks like they have a great chance of continuing it. Except for Car in week 13 and maybe Jets week 15 the Saints have it made. I’ve got Kamara and plan to make him a “must-start” every week from here on out (barring injury of course).

For what it’s worth, I also have McKinnon, and at this point wouldn’t hesitate to start Kamara over McKinnon if it came down to it. (Kamara has Jets week 15, McKinnon has Cincy that week. Both will be tough match-ups. BUT will swing with Alvin at this point. Of course…EVERYTHING changes week to week…but…you know what I’m saying…)