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Freeman or Perine?


They were feeling good about Freeman, then Perine was a start of the week. I already want to start Lynch in my other available RB spot.

If I run Freeman at RB tonight, I’ll have to make the flex decision between the other two instead of running my three strong WRs: Adams, Anderson, Hill.

Thanks in advance!


Robbie Anderson made the injury report this week and draws Talon. I’d go Freeman tonight to be safe. Lynch with Crabman back may not be an autostart, just food for thougt


Yeah, I was wondering about that too. All those TDs he’s been getting though…


I agree with @Denton.steve1116 about Anderson.

I’d go Freeman, and bench Anderson, go with Perine. Lynch might be a good play as well considering KC ranks 30th against the run…and he was ejected during their last meeting, also, as you said…he has been heating up

(Full Disclosure: I am a Raider fan, but he has been running better and they’ve been giving him more touches)


Totally…I picked him up after the Miami game, not because of the points as much as how strong he looked again.


Thanks guys!


I was faced with a similar decision and I’m staring Freeman and Perine over Hunt and D Lew.