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Freeman replacement


Davonte Freeman was in my flex, and here are my options on my bench:

Phillip Lindsey
Isiah Crowell
Marlon Mack
Keeryon Johnson
Quincy Enunwa

Standard League, who do I start in his place?


Crowell for me out of these guys.


For me it’s not that straight forward. Use the tool if you want a straight forward one or the other. If you want insight from the clan we need to know if you need high upside (lindsay, kerryon) because You’re playing a stacked team or behind already or have safer but lower ceiling starters or if you want a dependable guy (Crowell enunwa) because You’re already ahead/favourite to win or have studs in your starters…


Crow or Enunwa, take your pick. If it’s ppr enunwa might be a better play, if it’s standard it might be Crowell.


I’m looking for dependable. I’m projected to win but need a solid replacement. I have Barkley and Conner as my starters.


Dependable is probably Crowell, RBs workloads tend to be more reliable. That said Enunwa’s workload was pretty crazy last week.


I would say Enunwa I think he will get the work and it looks like they trust Sam with the rock. If you trust the RB more for points then Crow would be the safest option of the list.