Freeman Trade Advice

Should I trade D. Freeman for Z. Ertz, A. Cooper, and K. Drake? My other RBs are Ingram, Murray, Kamara and Coleman. Standard League, No Flex, 2 starters. My other TE are ASJ, Olson and Clay. WR M. Thomas, D. Thomas and D. Parker

Is this a special format in terms of positions? Why are you holding 3 TE’s and trading for a fourth thats way too much bro. But I’d trade Murray instead of freeman you already have the handcuff for freeman so no matter what happens with is injury you’d still have the #1 RB in ATL. I’d trade for WR upside too receiving core could use some solidifying

I have 3 TE bc ASJ struggled last 2 weeks, have Olsen on IR to see if he’s good when he is back and Clay since he’s back in case i wanna go to him over ASJ. Pretty much I’m losing confidence in ASJ. So Ertz would solve that issue, Cooper would give me decent 4th option at WR. Its just whether I wanna give up Freeman(who’s struggled) and go with Ingram Kamara and Murray ROS. And maybe regret it if Freeman turns it on ROS since he may be healthier now.