Fresh Keeper Question

Now that Obj has been traded, should i keep Evan Engram in the 11th round or Dante Pettis in the 14th? PPR

I’ve been pretty dead set on Pettis but Engrams numbers without Obj has me having second thoughts. I know its early and I’ll probably ask again closer to the seaon lol

Based on the TE landscape and that value i’d keep Engram right now. He’s 4th for me now and could lead the Giants in receiving, or be very close to Barkley if not. Issue is really as has been mentioned is if the Giants fully implode and there is a QB change midseason and it drags everyone down.

That being said even if that happens as it’s full PPR he could still get enough receptions if his yards and TDs go way down to give you a top 8 TE most weeks.

Pettis i’m really high on and he could be the WR1 for the 49ers and a solid WR2 this year but you could get him back and having a solid TE is starting to become crucial as it’s a full crapshoot behind Kelce, Ertz, Kittle - Engrams volume could make him too valuable to throw back now.