From 0-4 to now 3-4 Miracles Can Happen

This isn’t a question or advice request, just a thanks to all you guys & gals who help with those tough decisions each week.

My team in my office league is the #1 scoring team in the league, but started 0-4 thanks to some brutal matchups. I’ve since then made some huge trades (acquiring Kareem Hunt in week 4 and Jarvis Landry this week) and waiver claims (including grabbing Nick Chubb on Friday for free!), and have clawed my way back to 3-4, winning even in a super bad bye week for my team this week.

My current roster looks pretty stacked, and I’m well positioned ROS. Also, since I’m the top scoring team in the league, I own the tiebreaker with all the other 3-4 teams and would be in the playoffs if they started next week :smiley:

So HUGE thanks to this community, you guys are awesome!!!

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Also started 0-4, now 3-4.

High five, brother :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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