From 4-0 to 4-3. Good or justified tilt?


QB: Murray, Darnold
RBs: CMC, Bell, Bonnafon
WRs: Julio, Golloday, M. Williams, Kirk, A. Tate, Dorsett, DJax, R. Anderson
TE: Waller, Graham

First two losses were to high scorer, this week was lack of CMC and poor performance by Golloday and Murray. Am I good or should I tilt?

You definitely need more RB depth. I would drop Jimmy Graham and DeSean Jackson like a stone.

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As a Julio owner, I’m currently trying to package him up ASAP. I’ve been worried since week 1 because of ATL’s horrid offensive line that Matt Ryan would get hurt eventually. Well…my fears came true sunday and honestly Julio has been a WR2 at best for me. If you can send him to the Godwin owner for Godwin and a RB2, that’s what I’m attempting.

Yeah. I don’t think the Godwin owner will do the deal. But I wouldn’t mind package trading him if I could. Just trying to figure out who for who.

While I don’t think Godwin is a possibility, would you trade away Julio for Hilton and Mack? Team who has them is last place and 0-6, so they might take it. Is that selling Julio too low?

I think that’s a fair trade if it’s Julio for both