Fuc K. Allen

The man has lost me the past two weeks by not performing… Should I be looking to trade him? I tarded a lot right after the draft to get him and I am highly disappointed so far.

im thinking about trying to trade for Allen… Not sure what im gonna give up though


I think K Allen owners may have a good reason to sweat it out a bit. There’s not really any excuse for him to be performing at this diminished level, other than if he is injured more than we know, which is cause for even more sweating. But I think he deserves more than these 4 weeks to prove it, so I’d give him a chance and not trade at maybe a very artificially low value.

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Yes I think I would agree… just sucks sitting here being 1-3 after losing by 5 points the past two weeks cause Allen disappointed

This is pretty much the same thing people where saying about Allen and his slow start last year then he went on a absolute tear. Outside of the rams game he has scored double digit points in full ppr in all his games so it’s not like he is completely busting. Don’t overreact