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(FULL) $100 ESPN 12 Team Keeper Startup (Ballers Preferred Settings)


This league is currently filled. Please send me an email if you desire to go on the waitlist in the event that someone flakes out or doesn’t pay. Thanks!

Hey folks, as the title states I’m starting a $100 buy-in 12 Team Keeper League on ESPN. Planning to draft 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the season. We will pin down a draft date that works for everyone once all have joined. League settings, including Keeper rules, will follow the Ballers Preferred info posted here (although it pains me that @jasonffl spelled “preferred” as “preffered”):

League communications will conducted via GroupMe.

All funds will be collected via LeagueSafe with payouts as follows:
1st - $600
2nd - $400
3rd - $100
Most Regular Season Points - $100

Hoping to make this a great and active league for years to come. I can be contacted via email if you have any questions or want to join. jafontenot@gmail.com


Up to 5 teams. Still need 7.


Now at 7/12! Filling up fast!


Hey, I am interested in joining this league. RobVaughan12@gmail.com


You’re added.


Add me up :slight_smile:



I am in dalittle20@gmail.com


Invite sent


Invite sent


Hey…I’m in. Dedicated fantasy player that will be down for the long term.




If there’s still space available, I’m totally down!

I’m a Fantasy Footballer junkie. Super active manager!



you can add me to the waitlist