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**Full** 12 man Half point dynasty **Full**


In the past two months I put together a few dynasty leagues. for people who are new to dynasty. Since starting up the leagues I’ve found I enjoy it so much I want to transition fully to dynasty. I will not be joining any re-draft leagues this year and because of this want to create two more dynasty leagues. They will again be for new to inexperienced dynasty players. A brief listing of the scoring and roster make up can be found below. Please note that this league differs from the other leagues I’ve created.

Host site - MFL
League size - 12 managers
6 points per passing touchdown
-2 points per interception
0.5 point per reception

1 - QB
2 - WR
2 - RB
1 -TE
3 - Flex (WR,RB,TE)
13 - Bench
3 - IR
22 total roster size

Please note this is a kickerless and defenseless league where two additional flex spots have been added in their place.

F.A.A.B (Free Agent Acquisition Budget)

$25 per year with $50 due the first year using LeagueSafe to collect all dues.

A more detailed listing of all the rules can be found in the bylaws. Please note this is a first come first serve recruitment process. Only after you have informed me that you agree to the bylaws will an invite to GroupMe and MFL be sent out. Until you have accepted your invitation, your spot in the league is not guaranteed. Also note that dues must be paid promptly after the league is fully formed. This has been a major issue in the past, and if you can not make a prompt payment, you may be replaced.

Anyone interested should e-mail me at Nolly77@gmail.com.


The league is now full. If I receive enough people interested in another league I will form one.


I have 5 members not including myself who have shown interest in another league. Please e-mail me at Nolly77@gmail.com if interested.


3 spots left. Will begin drafting once we are full.


If there are still spots, I’m interested - email me at patrickj@uoregon.edu


PLEASE contact me if there is an open spot. My email is liam.gentile@gmail.com


I’m interested if there are still open spots!


Contacted everyone who posted, but only one has joined so we still need 1 person.


Lost one member so we need 2 people.


We only need 1 more member to begin drafting soon.


I take it this is probably full how? If not, I’d be interested.


DFWB - I either need an e-mail address or you need to e-mail me at Nolly77@gmail.com