Full - 12 team Drafted To Be Great! SF Dynasty Start Up - 2 year $100 Buy-In

Drafted To Be Great
A brand new start-up dynasty league

We’ll be using the Sleeper app, which please reach me at RicFlair16xx for the league invite on there.

Roster is as follows;
1 QB / 2 RB / 3 WR / 1 TE / 2 Flex / 1 Superflex / 10 Bench / 4 - Rooke-2nd year Taxi.

  • Full point PPR
  • FAAB - $100 per season
  • Pick Trading
    *Starting draft includes all 2021 rookies

Fees due prior to the draft starting $100 total - $50 a year per player per year, pot total $600 per year.

What time is the draft? I’m on sleeper @adk4528

Its currently not set. I wanted to see how everyone felt about a slow draft or setting one date and just rolling through 26 rounds

I’m in! Slow draft is good for me. How many people do you have? My sleeper is ltoma24

Is payment on league safe?

Yep, I have it ready for when we are full.

If you join we’re at a total of 5 and a couple invites are out.

do you have bylaws and how many teams?

1 spot left…. We’re currently reviewing things as a league

Looking to fill one more spot, should start a slow draft today!

You still interested?

If you still have a spot open I’m in… sent you a message on sleeper.

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I’m going to pass thanks.

Is this still open? I am in if it is not full, how to join?