FULL - 12 team - full ppr $100

Here are the details from my previous post, we will be using a league safe

It’s going to be $100 dues via leaguesafe and we will vote on the way those are dished out once we have the full league!

League Set Up/ Rules:

12 Team, single division, Head to Head Scoring - ESPN

6 Teams will make the playoffs (top two have a bye) – played in weeks 14, 15 ,16

Will use continuous FAAB of $100 ($1 min)

Snake Draft will take place on Aug 22nd: I am thinking 7pm EST but could adjust the time a little bit

This is probably important for anyone interested to be sure they will be available!


1 QB

2 RB

2 WR

1 TE



1 K

7 Bench spots


Going to highlight the main ones, but there is nothing goofy – pretty much used the standard settings


1 point for every 25 yards ( 0.04/yd)

-2 for INT, 4 for TD, 2 for 2pt conversion


points per yard, 6 points per TD, and 2 for a 2pt conversion


Full PPR, 0.1 per yard, 6 points per TD, 2 for a 2pt conversion

Other Rules to Note:

  • Defense has points based on both points against and yards against (used ESPN Standard settings)
  • Kickers use standard settings (PAT = 1 , 0-39 = 3, 40 – 49 = 4, 50+ = 5
  • One misc. rule change is total fumbles = -2 (if your player recovers his own fumble it cancels out)

I think that should be all you need to know, once I have 12 teams, I’ll send out an email with details on the $. I’ll want to collect that before adding you to the league.