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(FULL) 2 Open Spots Dynasty Dispersal Draft

League had 3 members drop out and I took 1 of the 3 open spots. Posting to find 2 more dedicated members to fill out the league.

Originally started 3 years ago with footclan members. We’ve had 3 drop out this year and need solid owners to replace them!

Our rookie draft will be May 28, and there will be a dispersal draft before the rookie draft.

League rules:
12 team
Half PPR
$50 dues (pays for 2 years)

There might be a couple other teams that want to join the dispersal draft. Reply or message me, or you can also feel free to email our commissioner, Brian. [bpowellcpa@ma.rr.com]

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Interested, what platform is the league run on?

The best platform: Sleeper!

Nice, that’s become my favorite. I’ve been looking to get into a Dynasty league for years but with no luck thus far. Not new to fantasy though, been playing for 11 years. Since I’ve never been in a dynasty league, could you explain the dispersal draft please?

Sure thing! I’m right there with you, been doing fantasy for years but just now dabbling into dynasty. The 3 teams that were abandoned, plus any other members in the league that wish to do so, have all their players thrown into a draft. The 3 new members and any other team that wants to participate will draft from the remaining players to determine their teams. Rookie draft picks are also included in the dispersal draft. I am one of the three new members so I will be partaking in the dispersal draft as well. I hope that answered!

Absolutely, thanks! What kind of application process is there to get into the league? I can tell you I’m the guy who compulsively checks the league and my team after the draft and during the season, so I can assure you I’d be an active and attentive member of the league if I can slide in there.

Go ahead and shoot our commissioner an email bpowellcpa@ma.rr.com

Ok will do, thanks!

Done. Now we wait and see. Thanks again!

I’m already in a dynasty league with my brother in law and his fam, but they don’t like being active in the NFL off-season. So I’m looking for another dynasty league to scratch that off-season itch. Been playing for 6 years and usually have about 5 or 6 leagues I’m in every year, so I’m definitely dedicated.

Could you explain the non-abandoned teams being involved in the dispersal draft. That seems odd. Would they have a lower priority? And what round do they get to start picking. Would just sound odd to drop a guy like Armstead and get one pick in the dispersal draft and it be a high pick.

How is the off-season chatter/engagement?

Is there a chat platform for trade talks, trash talking, meme sharing?