FULL -$20 dollar buy-in League Safe & Sleeper 12 person, redraft, no kicker, 200 FAAB, PPR league - Draft 09/05

Hey all,

Was trying to put together a family league and no one’s into it this year so I’m turning to Footballer fans bc I love fantasy football. In the past, I’ve commissioned leagues with friends and it was a lot of begging so I’m looking for pain-free fun experience.

$20 buy-in on league safe.

Sleeper league. I signed up on leaguesafe as a proxy to keep league money in escrow. So you will need to sign up on both websites. links below.

I’ll just keep updating this thread when I get players. EDIT If the above leaguesafe app doesn’t work you can access it on the league chat in sleeper.

PENDING 12/12. . will take thread down as soon as last player has signed up

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Are there any more spots left? If so Uhurunj on sleeper. I’ll join. Thanks

when is your draft?