**FULL** 3-4 spots, 10-team, PPR, Superflex, No Kickers, ESPN

Info below - if you are interested, please email me at jonortman@gmail.com.

This is a 10-team, PPR, Superflex league with NO KICKERS. The rest of the scoring if fairly normal, with return yardage and a few bonuses sprinkled in, so be sure to check out the scoring settings.

League Fee
The league fee is $60.

League Prizes
Champion $420, 1st Loser $120, Ball Boy $60.


Starting Lineups
We will have 9 starters (1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1OP, 1D), 9 bench spots, and 1 IR spot. OP stands for Offensive Position, which means you can play any one of QB/RB/WR/TE/K/D. Yes, kicker. If you just love love love to play a kicker, you still can in this position. The only roster limit is on QB’s. The limit is 3.

We will be using a Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) waiver system. Each owner has $500 to use for the season. Each Tuesday you can bid as much as you want (or have available) to acquire a free agent. Waiver’s will run early Wednesday morning and if you are the high bidder, you win the player. Minimum bid is $0, so if you want to pick someone up you don’t think anyone else will be bidding on, or you are out of money and want to at least try to get someone, you can bid $0.

We are all experienced FF players; therefore, I do not see the need for trade voting. It just delays things in an already tight week, and I truly believe that no trade should be vetoed unless there is obvious collusion or it looks like one side has just given up and giving away players. I think every owner has the right to run their team how they want, even if that means they think Ted Ginn is going to have a better rest of season than Antonio Brown. However, I reserve the right to put a trade to a vote if it looks like collusion or a give up.

Playoffs We will only have one division. Top 4 teams at the end of week 14 will make the week 15 & 16 playoffs.