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Full as of now -- Dynasty Startup on Sleeper

This is a super deep, 12 team, Tiered-PPR, Superflex Startup on Sleeper. $50 buy-in, $75 up front, collected on League Safe. I commish 4 other leagues, all recruited from Foot Clan, Twitter, and Reddit. They’re all super fun leagues. This will be my 5th, and it’s a clone of another league called Diggin’ Deep. This is my favorite dynasty setup so far. We will be drafting as soon as everyone is in. Comment below if interested.

All the details are in the link below.

If only the rookie and vet draft was combined…

This is definitely some advice the ballers got wrong. In startups, those should always be one draft - not two - or else it leads to really heavily imbalanced teams in favor of those who get high rookie picks (example: the year Saquon was the 1.01).

Nah, 2 drafts is always better than 1! This allows for some interesting trading. Plus the rookie draft assets are still in the startup draft, so everyone has a fair shot. There are always imbalanced teams because everyone drafts their teams differently.

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Sounds good, I’m in. Been doing ff for 10 years but always with local friends on nfl or espn app so not used to sleeper. Been wanting to get in dynasty.

I’m in as well if you still need someone.

Count me in, ive been in another dynasty superflex going on to its 4th year now. Would love to hop on another
Email - tstewart808@hotmail.com

Guys, thank you for the responses. As of now the league is full. But I will reach out if anything falls through.