FULL! Drafting Sun 9/6 - Sleeper .5ppr superflex redraft - $25

Hey ballers,

My 12-team league is drafting Sunday Sep 6 at 9pm eastern and we are looking for 4 active owners. There is a $25 buy-in through leaguesafe, paid before the draft.

1st - $200
2nd - $75
3rd - $25

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 SF
6 Bench spots
1 IR spot (subject to change due to covid)

$100 FAAB waivers
No trade review period
Weekly game against the league median

Drop your sleeper ID if you’re interested and I’ll send you an invite!

@planetexpress - I could hop in :slight_smile:

Invite sent :point_right::point_right:

Does this mean no head to head, just against median, or both?

Both. Each week you can get two wins, one if you win your matchup and one if you score in the top half of the league. So each week you can go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2. Playoffs are just head to head though.

Sleeper name jrmoore05

Please send invite. Thanks

Interested if there’s still a spot. sleeper id: noviscus. thanks!

Invite sent!

That was fast haha

Do you have room for 2 more? Very interested

Sorry, we filled up pretty quick