Full: Europe Dynasty Start-up

Looking for owners who are motivated and committed to manage a dynasty team for many years. I am based in Europe, so it would be great to have a league with other owners from Europe (could be tricky to be in a league with our American colleagues due to the time difference). Anyone interested?

If its a free league im interested. Based in Scotland so i guess for the next 2 months i qualify as being in Europe :frowning_face:
Could always do a slow draft which works well with time differences. 8 hour max time for a pick but rarely takes that long. Thats worked well in other leagues im in.

I’m quite interested
What do you think of the setup?
and which side to play on
Sincerely Jesper

Hi guys, I would be interested in this league and be very active in it too if you get enough numbers to start it up.

@Menual, hey man just wanted to give you some insight from my commissioner experience. I run 3 dynasty 32 team leagues. In those leagues i have 5 guys that live in the UK.

While the time difference can be hard at times it hasnt been an issue really. One of the guys has been in my leagues since 2009 and he brought in his friends a few years after that.

We use a Discord server to chat since texting isnt an option, and then the standard league chat and email for communication.

Thanks for your insights - will keep that in mind in case it wouldn‘t work with an European league.

With regard to the league setup:
0.5 ppr / 1qb / 2rb / 3wr / 1te / 1-2 flex / 20 bench / 10 - 16 teams (so pretty much standard setup)
The league would be hosted on sleeper.

League fee would be between €0 and €20 depending on league manager preferences.

So those who are interested, leave your email here or send it to me per PM and I will get back to you as soon as the league is full.

Anymore interest in this?

I’m interested if you’re still looking for managers.

Yea still some spots open, so leave your email or send it to me per PM if u wanna join

Anybody else interested to join?

I’m could be interested! (If you guys want a Danish guy :wink: )
Hit me up at sleeper at JonasKosmos

Hey. I´m also up for an euro league if there still a spot open.

Hi Menual,

if the league is free and there is space i’m keen, i’m based in England.

im jh344 on sleeper


Yepp! Iam want in if its free!!! Really stoked was thinking about starting a post myself. Wel done sir

Hey guys, thanks for your interest. Our league is however already full, so sorry that we don‘t have a spot for you

Ah man! That sucks