Full Fantasy Tilt

Cooper and Fitz are my WR. Whyyyyyyu? Why me!?

What’s the rest of your team look like?

Watkins, Marvin Jones, Cobb, fitz, Cooper at receiver
Gordon, McCoy, Sony, penny, buck Allen, breida at RB
Jared cook TE
Stafford qb

Tbh honest you could possibly package allen and cooper for wr1/wr2. Fitz will be fine ros I feel and Watkins is going to be a real threat in a high powered offense with a bad D.

Thanks I’ll see what I can do for trades but my league is super bad with trades. As In no one trades. I’m going to try to pick Ridley off the waivers as well

Yeah I’ve been there. If you can actually communicate with the person you’re trying to trade that will help so you can feel out the value of the player you gunning for. From the sound of it people are just over valuing there players.

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