(FULL) Free Startup PPR Dynasty league

What’s going on Footclan members!

I am going to create a 12 team dynasty league that starts a qb, 2 rbs, 3 wrs, te, 2 flex’s, a defense, and of course no annoying kickers. The league will be a PPR league with TE’s getting 1.25 per reception. Our draft will consist of a 28 round slow draft. The league will be held on fleaflicker.
Drop an email below so you can be invited into the league and to a GroupMe chat.


i would like to play chris@greenlightdesigns.com



I am interested to play.

Hey i’d like to know more, if there are still spots. r_blakey@u.pacific.edu

Five open slots left

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Interested terrelltmb@gmail.com

I’d play - will there be a buyin? Karagianis@gmail.com

Interested. ea_jacob@yahoo.com

Are you full?

No, not yet

No buy in…

I’m in if you still need somebody. alhill00@gmail.com

I would like to join if that’s alright with you

Yeah, what’s ur email



Let’s get started

I’m DOWN! whatsmywhat@hotmail.com