Full: International League looking for players

Last year, the league “Great Britain and her former colonies” started, and this year we are looking for 5 new league-mates - we are from Britain, Australia, US of A and Denmark. Come join us!
Format is 12 team ballers preferred


Not a former colony, but I’m French and I’m interested to get in! Got another French guy (serious player) interested as well.
ESPN redraft?

Well, I’m from Denmark, and we did rule over Britain in the 12th century :slight_smile:

Send me your email, and I’ll invite you


here are our two emails:

bonjourno! I’m from Canada and would like to join this league… but need to know when the draft will be.

please email me the details at shawnjungwirth@gmail.com


I’m interested, I’m an Irishman living in Korea :smile:

Would need to know the details of the draft time first, send me an email at linfordwoods@gmail.com

Hi @Jungy and @linnyman,
You’re more than welcome, I think we, do to the many, many time zones we cover, will do a slow draft. We just need one more player. I’ll send you invites right away


Can i get some info on the league please? Scoring, etc. Thanks

Ballers preffered :slight_smile:

1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 DST, 1 K, 5 bench

Oh, and 1 TE